Conference Organising Committees

Dr. Olawande Daramola      –           Chairman

Dr. Emeka Iweala                 –          Member

Dr. Kola Ajanaku                 –           Member

Dr. Francis Iyoha                  –           Member

Dr. Daniel Gberevie             –           Member

Dr. Conrad Omonhimi         –           Member

Dr. Eni Angela                      –           Member

Pastor Deji Okunbanjo        –           Member

Pastor I. Afolabi                   –          Member

Arc. Gbenga Alalade           –           Member

Dr. Lanre Amodu                 –           Member

Dr. Victor Omotoso             –           Member

Dr. Benson Nsikak               –           Member

Dr. Oluseyi Ajayi                 –           Member

Dr. Ariyo Adebiyi                –           Member

Dr. David Orodu                   –           Member

Dr. Oluwole Alagbe             –           Member

Dr. Jide Ibietan                     –           Member

Dr. Henry Okoduwa             –           Member

Dr. Gbadebo Adejumo        –           Member

Dr. Mrs. Adeniji                   –           Member

Dr. Abiola Babajide             –           Member

Mrs. Oyeronke Adebayo     –           Member

Mr. Igban                               –           Member

Mrs. Morenike Kolawole    –          Secretary


  • Publications Sub-committee (*)
  • Publicity Sub-committee
  • Corporate Partnership Sub-Committee
  • Protocol/ Transport Sub-committee
  • Technical Sub-Committee
  • Accommodation/Welfare Sub-committee
  • Exhibition Sub-committee (*)
  • Security Sub-committee
  • Medical Sub-Committee


Publication and Editorial Sub-committee

Dr. Emeka Iweala                 –           Chair

Dr. Nsikak Benson               –           Co-Chair

Dr. Oluseyi Ajayi                 –           Member

Dr. Conrad Omonhinmi       –           Member

Dr. Angela Eni                      –           Member

Dr. Lanre Amodu                 –           Member

Dr. Henry Okodua                –           Member

Dr. Jide Ibietan                     –           Member

Dr. Innocent Chiluwa          –           Co-opted

Dr. Olayinka Ohunakin       –           Co-opted

Terms of Reference

i. To develop a viable proposal for the conference

ii. To handle official correspondences such as invitation letters/cards, partnership letters;

iii. To prepare detailed conference brochures: programme of events;

iv. To identify and invite Conference panelist and guest speakers;

v. To handle communiqué from the Conference;

vi. To coordinate rapporteuring activities during the conference

vii. To produce electronic and print proceedings of the Conference

Publicity Sub-committee Membership

  1. Dr. L. Amodu                  –                       Chairman
  2. Dr. A. Orodu                    –                       Member
  3. Dr. K. Ajanaku                –                       Member
  4. Dr. V. Omotoso               –                       Member
  5. Dr. A. Alagbe                  –                       Member
  6. Mr. E.  Igban                  –                        Member

Terms of Reference

i. To handle official correspondences such as invitation letters/cards;

ii. To prepare detailed conference brochures: programme of events;

iii. To explore relevant means, print and electronic media to publicize the conference;

iv. To develop and produce publicity materials e.g. Banners, posters, handbills/flyers;

v.  Any other assignment as may be given by LOC Chairman.

Corporate Partnership Sub-Committee Membership

  1. Prof. L. Egwari             –           Chairman
  2. Dr. E. Iweala                 –           Member
  3. Dr. F. Iyoha                   –           Member
  4. Pst. Deji Okubanjo      –           Member
  5. Dr. Angela Eni             –           Member
  6. Dr. A. Babajide            –           Member
  7. Dr. C. Omonhinmi       –           Member
  8. Dr.  A. Adebiyi             –          Member
  9. Prof. E. Maduagwu      –           Member
  10. Prof. S. Wara                –           Member
  11.  Prof.  O.  Obembe       –           Member
  12. Dr. S. Oloyede             –           Member
  13. Dr. O. Omotoso           –           Member
  14. Dr. K. Ajanaku            –           Member
  15. Mr. E. Igban                 –           Member

*Chair to be nominated by the sub-committee

Terms of Reference

i.      To identify and liaise with relevant corporate bodies that can partner with us for the conference;

ii.      To identify and explore all relevant platforms that can be leveraged for the success of the conference;

iii.      To identify possible revenue yielding opportunities to fund the conference;

iv.      To propose modalities for the realization of the budget; and

v.      Any other function as may be assigned by the LOC Chairman from time to time.

Protocol/ Transport Sub-committee Membership

  1. Dr. Gbadebo Adejumo –         Chairman
  2. Dr. Angela Eni             –         Member
  3. Dr. H. Okodua              –           Member
  4. Dr. O. A. Adegbuyi      –           Member
  5. Dr. E. Agwu                 –           Member
  6. Dr. Olutosin Rotimi     –           Member

Terms of Reference

i. To organize efficient transportation of guests and participants to and fro the Airports and the conference venue;

ii. Registration of Participants;

iii. To handle all issues on visa applications;

iv. To organize adequate reception for the Guests; and

v. To coordinate any other activities that pertains to guests in the conference

Technical Sub-Committee Membership

  1. Dr. O. Ajayi                     –           Chairman
  2. Pastor A.O. Afolabi        –           Member
  3. Dr. A.A Adebiyi              –           Member
  4. Dr. O. A. Alagbe             –           Member
  5. Director PPD                   –          Member
  6. Prof. S.N   John                –           Member
  7. Dr. N. Omoregbe            –           Member
  8. Dr. A. A. Azeta                –           Member
  9. Dr. J. Okeniyi                  –           Member
  10. Miss K. Ojo (Webmaster) –     Member
  11. Mr. O. Adewunmi           –           Member
  12. Mr. I. Eweoya                  –           Member

Terms of Reference

  1. Develop a functional website that will serve as basis for publicity of the conference; and dissemination of vital information;
  2. Supervise technical and administrative staff to help with preparations before and during the conference;
  3. Give final list of required equipment to local technical staff;
  4. Review and test equipment and technology with local staff; and
  5. Arrange and announce time/location for group photographs.

Accommodation/Welfare Sub-committee


  1. Dr. A. Ajanaku                –           Chairman
  2. Dr. A. Babajide               –           Member
  3. Dr. A. A. Adeniji             –           Member
  4. Prof.  P. Edewor              –           Member
  5. Dr. O. A. Adegbuyi         –           Member
  6. Dr. O. Oladipupo            –           Member
  7. Dr. O. Oluwatayo            –           Member
  8. Dr. E. Owoloko               –           Member
  9. Dr. S. Okuboyejo            –           Member
  10. Mr. J. Oluranti                 –           Member
  11. Manager Guest House   –           Member

Terms of Reference

i. To identity good hotels around the conference venue, the type of rooms and their prices, to accommodate Guests and participants;

ii. To provide relevant information concerning accommodation to participants; and

iii. To coordinate all welfare matters including, breakfast, lunch, tea-breaks and dinner.

Security Sub-committee


  1. Dr. D. Gberevbie            –           Chairman
  2. Dr. G. Adejumo               –           Member
  3. Dr. E. A. Jegede             –           Member
  4. Dr. E. O. Amoo              –           Member
  5. Dr. T. Anake                    –          Member
  6. Head of Security CU      –          Member

Terms of Reference

i. To liaise with Canaan land Security Unit in order to ensure secured environment throughout the duration of the conference;

ii. To coordinate all security arrangements necessary for a successful hosting of the conference;

iii. To handle any other security matters.

Exhibition Committee

Dr. O. Alagbe (Chair)

– Dr. O. Fagbenle- Member

– Dr. T.  Adoghe – Member

– Dr. A. Willoughby – Member

Terms of Reference

i. To organize a befitting exhibition during the ICADI conference;

ii. To  seek all viable platforms to showcase the research strengths and achievements of the University

Medical Sub-Committee Membership

  1. Dr. Micheal Onuoha                  –    Chairman
  2. Dr. Edwin Agwu                         –     Member                 

Terms of Reference

  1. To handle all matters  related to health

The administration agreed to receive this association it may be favorable.