Professor Valeriy Maisotsenko

Valeriy_MaisotsenkoProfessor Valeriy Maisotsenko is the Chief Scientist Officer of Idalex Technologies, Inc. He is a foremost scientist in thermodynamics and had served as a Director of the Thermal Physics Research Laboratory in Odessa, Ukraine where he was recognized as one of 11 top inventors in the former Soviet Union. Dr. Maisotsenko’s efforts in understanding of the laws of thermodynamics have earned him more than 125 heat-transfer and thermodynamics patents which have been turned in several useful products. He is the originator of the Maisotsenko cycle which has several useful applications including renewable energy. Dr. Maisotsenko earned a Doctor of science degree in Technology (equivalent to a U.S. post-doctorate degree) from the Moscow Civil Engineering Institute in 1988. He obtained a candidate of science degree in technology (equivalent to a Ph.D.) from the Odessa Institute of Refrigeration Engineering in 1970; and a Graduate Engineering Degree (equivalent to a masters degree) from the Odessa Institute of Refrigeration Engineering, earned in 1963.